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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don't understand how to use this search. Please explain.

A: There are two ways to search our database. One is by list and one is by keyword. To make a list search, use the drop-down menus to set your criteria and then click the gray button to the right of the menus to get your listing. To make a keyword search, enter one or more keywords and click the gray button next to the input field. If you are looking for a general list of either restaurants, communities, phone numbers, fax numbers, or email addresses, use the Quick Lists.

Q: What is the difference between a listing search and a keyword search?

A: With a listing search you create a customized list according to criteria you set through the drop-down menus. You always get a list of addresses that meet these criteria if any are available. The Quick Lists are essentially pre-set list searches. With a keyword search you can specify exactly what you are searching for.

Q: Which search should I use?

A: Use the keyword search if you have a partial address or phone number, or only a city or temple name. Even a partial word will do. Use a listing search if you are looking for more than one result -- like a list of phone numbers of all the temples in India, or a list of all restaurants in Europe.

Q: What do the Quick Lists link to?

A: The Quick Lists are essentially pre-set list searches that will show you either all known ISKCON restaurants, farms and communities, phone numbers, fax numbers, or email addresses. Please only use these lists if you really need the entire list. If you just need information for one particular address, use the keyword search.

Q: I found a wrong address. Where do I report this?

A: You can submit erroneous entries through our addition or correction form.

Q: I would like to add an address to your database. How do I do this?

A: You can submit additional entries through our addition or correction form.

Q: Why do you only list ISKCON addresses?

A: Because we are the ISKCON World Wide Address listing. Nothing more, nothing less.

Q: Why don't you list nama-hatta centers and contact addresses?

A: Because there are thousands of these and they keep changing rapidly all the time. We cannot afford the time it would need to keep these listings up to date.

Q: Why can't I get a listing of all addresses in your database, but get a file for downloading instead?

A: A listing of all addresses results in a 1Mb .html file, which crashes certain browsers or systems. On top of that it takes too long to load. Instead, we provide the full listing as a zipped file for downloading.

Q: What format is the full listing in? How can I view all addresses?

A: Although it has a .txt extension, it is not a plain text file. It is a database file in comma-delimited ASCII format, meant to be imported into a database program -- like Microsoft® Access.

The field formats are:

  1 - two-letter continent abbreviation
  2 - type:
  • t0 = temple / center without restaurant
  • t1 = temple / center with restaurant
  • f0 = farm / community without restaurant
  • f1 = farm / community with restaurant
  • r1 = restaurant
  • e0 = educational facility
  • a0 = ISKCON affiliate
  3 - international two-letter country code
  4 - country name
  5 - phone country code
  6 - name of establishment
  7 - address
  8 - zip code
  9 - city name
10 - mail address
11 - phone number
12 - fax number
13 - email address
14 - web site

Q: Whatever happened to the GBC/BBT member addresses that you used to list?

A: We have decided to discontinue these listings to conform to the policy that we do not list private addresses. For GBC and BBT Trustee information please consult the GBC and BBT resolutions.

Q: Why don't you list private email addresses?

A: We only list addresses of ISKCON temples, farms, communities, restaurants, educational facilities, and ISKCON affiliates. For private email listings please contact the private ISKCON email providers -- WWW-COM and PAMHO. Please note that these providers are not obliged to provide you with any listings, nor is their being mentioned here an endorsement for such provision.

Q: I have a devotee business. Can you list the address for it?

A: No. We only list addresses of ISKCON temples, farms, communities, restaurants, educational facilities, and ISKCON affiliates. Try the market place of the Hare Krishna Index.

Q: Can I bookmark a search result?

A: Yes, you can. Just keep in mind that if you bookmark search results, you run the risk that in the long run these bookmarks may point to results that no longer exist.

Q: Can I make custom lists for my own web site?

A: Yes, you can, but do read the previous Q&A so that you understand the possible consequences. As long as you keep your custom lists general, you should be fine, though. You can construct your own link URL with the proper parameters. The format is (as one line):


  • A = all (all continents), af (Africa), as (asia), au (Australasia), eu (Europe), na (North & Central America) or sa (South America).

  • B = all (all countries) or a supported international two-letter country abbreviation.

  • C = all (all types of establishments), t0 (temples & centers), f0 (farms & communities), rs (restaurants), e0 (educational facilities) or a0 (ISKCON affiliates).

  • D = full (full address), phone (phone numbers), fax (fax numbers), email (email addresses) or website (web sites).


Lists the phone numbers of all ISKCON establishments in the USA.


Lists the full addresses of all ISKCON restaurants in India.

Any combination is possible. Keep in mind that the country specification overrides the continent specification. So even if you have specified Asia while requesting a listing for Germany, you will still get the listing for Germany.

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